Need Expertise implementing Microsoft technologies? Infront is here to help.

The installation, configuration, and integration of Microsoft technologies is a highly specialized process. Let our experts at Infront help to manage this one-time process and then transfer the knowledge to your team so you can focus on running and operating it.


Let Infront help you to migrate or automate workloads in Azure IaaS, configure OMS or EMS or implement our Azure Consumption Reporting tool; Honeycomb.


Let Infront help you to optimize virtualization, storage and Disaster Recovery (DR) costs or install, migrate, and integrate System Center in your datacenter. Infront can help you achieve 100% compliance with Beekeeper 2.0 or help you to eliminate downtime when patching your highly available applications.


Let Infront help you to automate the provisioning of Windows client operating systems on notebooks, desktops and Surfaces. Let Infront help you to patch, deploy applications and manage your Windows client and mobile systems.

Cloud, Datacenter, Mobility & Managed Services

Your IT direction should be driven through logical, business decisions and not the direction of software vendors. Infront can work with you to understand your IT vision, make recommendations based on what we’ve seen work and not work. Whether it’s Cloud, on-premise Datacenter or something hybrid, let’s work to prioritize your requirements and recommend solution options.

If you’ve chosen your direction and you are looking for packaged offerings to accelerate your progress, we can assist here as well.

Cerulean – Retail PoS Patching

Infront’s Cerulean solution allows retailers to manage the patching of their Point of Sale and Windows Embedded systems from Azure. Achieve compliance and reduce your attack surface by staying current with security updates. Avoid costly PCI penalties and fines.

Managed PKI in Azure

Infront’s Managed PKI solution allows customers to improve the security in their environment through the use of certificates. Multi-factor authentication is a defence in depth strategy that reduces security threats.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Infront can provide Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to customers, allowing them to reduce their costly, annual expenses in Disaster Recovery facilities, hardware and network connectivity costs as well as automate the provisioning of their systems in the event of a disaster.

SCOM as a Managed Service

Good monitoring tools are fantastic at generating alerts but without ongoing tuning, your operations team can drown in alerts and begin ignoring them, crippling the benefits of the monitoring tool. Infront can manage the tuning, agent deployment and Management Pack configuration to get the actionable alerts out to the right people.

Server Patching as a Service

Compliance & Security has never been most important!

 Allow us to show you how outsourcing your patching will result in
  • Guaranteed compliance
  • Improved security
  • Reduced risk and attack surface
  • Reduced OpEx

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Reusable Automation Offerings

Reusable Automation Offerings are Self Service offerings via System Center Service Manager. On premise Enterprise datacenter management scenarios which Infront has automated and are completely reusable. These are built on System Center Orchestrator and can be converted to PowerShell easily to be used via other automation engines.

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Enterprise Strategy Consulting

Infront’s Solution Architects meet with our customers and spend as much time as needed to understand their priorities and discuss options, highlighting recommendations and discussing pros and cons to each. A ship without a rudder is destined to end up on the rocks at some point. Infront can help you to determine your strategy and then assist you with the execution of the strategy and measurement and tracking of your success.

Infront has developed ‘Stop Clock Dev’ as a solution to help our customers achieve more through automation. Ask us how our Stop Clock Dev solution can help your team achieve more.


Client Testimonial

As the person responsible for nurturing and developing System Center’s Regional SI Channel, I really value our relationship with Infront Consulting and the great work they have been doing for our Customers in the APAC region. They improved the System Center partnering experience and ultimately resulted in more satisfied customers. Thanks for the great work.

— Frederick Foong, Regional Marketing Director, Intel